What Do I Want To Learn

As a game design / programming student, there’s a lot about both things I want to learn. I want to learn how the design process works more in depth as time passes, as well as more programming techniques that I’ll be able to use on my games that I make in the future.

So one area of programming and design I’m super interested in is Artificial Intelligence. I want to make some super interesting artificial intelligence that I could potentially use in games, or at least learn the process of creating these AI in order to be better at it in general.

So today I have to show off two crappy things that really aren’t hard at all, especially considering I’m using Unity to do all of this, but they’re basic stepping stones for what I’m hoping to do.

The first type of AI I’m creating involves top-down movement. I’m basically seeing what happens with it and where I can go for interesting AI. This first gif shows just a basic sit there and take damage thing.


And this second gif shows an enemy that is moving around and attacking you as well.


As I get more in depth into these AI (and stop writing blog posts at 4:30 in the morning) I’ll start writing about how I’m creating these in Unity and what interesting things I’m actually learning. But for now this is where I’m at! I’m hoping to make a lot of interesting progress soon!


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