Balancing Work and School

Whew! It has been awhile since I’ve typed something up here. Definitely need to keep on a schedule. I’ve started scheduling reminders for myself in my todo list organizer Wunderlist, so that way I’ll be able to keep writing posts every other week.

So what is this post about? How busy life is! It’s absolutely insane. I’m working two jobs, taking 16 credits of classes for college, and trying to work on game design projects in my own time as well. Definitely a busy schedule. So the question is, how am I keeping it all together?

I have two main tools that I’m using right now. The big first one is Wunderlist, which I mentioned before. This is where I have lists on lists on lists. I have three big sections, which is School, Todo, and Game Design. Each one is super important and I set due dates on every single thing. So obviously for school I’ll put all of my homework which has its own due dates, but for stuff like my Todo and Game Design things, all of those have to be self-made times. And really, I do feel a sense of disappointment when I don’t make the deadline for them. Sometimes self-imposed deadlines are the ones you feel the most.

The other tool I use a lot of is Google Calendar. I schedule out 80% of my day, between my different job and my classes. I also ended up scheduling time to sleep. I allow myself a certain amount of time in the day to sleep, and sometimes I actually make that entire time! But I also make sure I have time to get done my homework and work on my own project.

These are just a couple of the tools I use to make sure I get everything done in my life! Let me know, what sort of tools do you guys use out there to keep your world in check?


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