Building Up My Presence

As I start working on more and more programming, I realize that there is one big thing I’m missing. A proper portfolio site. I want to be able to show more of what I’m doing off to the world. So that’s something interesting I’ll be able to be working on so that I can show off all of the different programming work that I’ve gotten through.

Speaking of things I’m working on, there’s a lot of new stuff I’ve been doing lately. One big thing is I am now the Lead Programmer for my senior capstone class at UW – Stout. This involves a lot of responsibilities, and is taking a lot of time. But it is really great and let’s me put forth my best effort in the project. I’ll be positing pictures or videos of my work soon!

I’m also working on my own separate project. Some days I need to come home and be able to work on something that’s just for me, and so I have a new project that I’m working on getting a basic design for right now.

A lot of stuff I’m working on, but sadly not much I’m able to show right now. I’m hoping for my next post I’ll have more to show off and really get into what I’m doing and what I hope for my career.


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